Daily Android App: Elixir v2.0


One of the applications I always install on any of my Android phones right after a firmware update, is Elixir, because I find it very useful.

Elixir is a system information application with highly configurable widgets, which helps me to quickly display any information about my device from battery stats, to cpu frequency, missed calls, unread text messages, internal-external storage space left and a lot more.

Tamas Barta  developer of this application brings an updated version of Elixir, the 2.0 with a totally new GUI interface and a new icon pack.

Elixir 2.0 changelog:

    • Elixir is separated into Elixir and Elixir Widget: you can install only the widgets or the main app if you want. Elixir now can be moved to SD but Elixir Widget can’t because of an Android restriction.
    • Help icons in every screen that display information about that screen. >>
    • New GUI with a main screen. >>
    • In every screen where the list can be filtered you can use the physical search button to enter text.
    • There are shortcuts to Elixir screens. You can put these shortcuts into your home screen or a widget.
    • The information screen of Elixir is separated into Device information and Software information screens.
    • News in Device information screen: more information is displayed, multiple camcorders supported, you can go many system screens, mount / unmount SD, make bluetooth discoverable, start / cancel bluetooth discovery, view your location in map, get more detailed address, update your location, etc. >>
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