Samsung confirms Nexus Prime existence and firmware leak ?!?


Nexus Prime created a lot of controversy over the last few months and recently we’ve heard more rumors that the firmware already got leaked.

In an email send by the General Counsel of Samsung Telecommunications America LLC to an unknown person at this time, Samsung requests to cease any public disclosure of firmware software for Nexus Prime which is the exclusive property of the Korean manufacturer, partners or affiliate. And it keeps repeting the name “Nexus Prime” for at least 4-5 times in this email content. Down below is a screenshot of the email received by the unknown person.

We now have confirmation directly from the manufacturer itself, about the existence of Nexus Prime handheld device and along with it of a firmware (most likely Ice Cream Sandwhich). Did i just say that? Well what else could it be? So soon ?? We are expecting Android 4.0 somewhere late in Q4, at least that’s what everyone knows, right?
source Geek