Motorola Holds 18 Valuable Patents To Help Google Fight Against Apple


According to Bloomberg, Motorola has over 17,000 registered patents in its portofolio, and 18 of them are very valuable for Google’s “war” against Apple (Android vs iOS).

The inventions date back to 1994 and form the core of three Motorola lawsuits against Apple, making them among the “superstars” of the portfolio, said David Mixon, a patent lawyer at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings in Huntsville, Alabama. They cover technology essential to the mobile-device industry, including location services, antenna designs, e-mail transmission, touch- screen motions, software-application management and third- generation wireless.

“Any patent owner, before they consider litigation is going to carefully evaluate their patents to withstand an attack,” Mixon said in a telephone interview. “You don’t want to hold any back. You want to pick your strongest patents.”


[via Bloomberg]