HP TouchPad shows up in a video running Android 2.2 Froyo



HP Touchpad is the center of attention in Android world for the last few days, and all because the company announced the decease of webOS-based slate.

A very awkward video surfaced on Youtube today showing Android 2.2 running on Touchpad, and according to the youtuber who uploaded the video file, the tablet came out of the box with Android from BestBuy.

“A coworker ordered his HP Touchpad for $99 from bestbuy, this is the 32g, when he got it, it came with android already on it, I just ordered mine, so if anyone knows how android go on it, please let me know.”

Whats even awkward is that more information plus photos are surfacing on Reddit, about the very same story,about someone who bought the 32GB model from BestBuy and for his dismay’s the tablet runs Android 2.2 Froyo. Something doesn’t add up here, do you find this story legit?

Apparently, the logo displayed on the screen right before Froyo comes on, Quic logo (it represents Qualcomm Innovation Center) which are the manufacturers of the chipset embedded in the Touchpad. Right now we are wondering how a prototype got to BestBuy and from there delivered to a customer.

We got word of another developer claiming that the TouchPad will not only run Gingerbread 2.3 but Honeycomb 3.0 too. A video tutorial will be uploaded on his Youtube channel on Tuesday, August 24th showing the slate running both versions of Android.



more updates to come .. stay tuned!

[via AndroidandMe]