T-Mobile’s Honeycomb 3.1 Update For G-Slate Locks Bootloader


Attention LG G-Slate owners, the latest Honeycomb 3.1 update from T-Mobile that you are recieving over the air (OTA) is locking your bootloader right after the update is done. Once updated there is no way to flash a custom kernel, which means no community ROMs.

The G-Slate is/was known to had been one of the more developer friendly tablets on the market – with both Fastboot and Nvidia APX allowing full read/write access to the onboard flash, until now.

If you have comments on this issue do it down below, until then we will try to contact an official from T-Mobile or LG to discuss this matter. Stay tunned!


  1. If APX mode was unlocked before, it should still be unlocked. As far as I know, they cannot add a SBK (Secure Boot Key) after it has been manufactured – it’s burned into the chip.

    Transformer owners went through this when getting the SBK for all models up to B70… now ASUS has changed the key on all new ones but they can’t change it on old ones.