Shocking News: Apple Suspected To Have Altered Evidence in European Case Against Samsung


Recently Apple recieved an injunction against Samsung banning the manufacturer to distribue or advertise its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch in Europe with one exception, the Netherlands.

In this case, Apple state that Samsung is ripping off its devices, but a tech based website WebWereld spotted signs that the fruit branded company might be exaggerated and maybe even gone further more altering images of Galaxy Tab filled in to suit its case.

According to WebWereld, the comparison shot you see up there is taken from page 28 of a filing made by Freshfields Bruckhaus Derringer, Apple’s European lawyers.┬áBoth tablets look pretty identical in the photo with an aspect ratio of 4:3, except in reality, the SGTab has more of a 16:9 aspect ratio and is far narrower than Ipad. Samsung hasnt spoken a word on this matter just yet, as we will most likely will never find out if this was actually a malicious move from Apple’s side.