Samsung Mobile Hired Steve Kondik (CyanogeMod Head) As Software Engineer


Perhaps this ain’t as big as Google’s acquisition of Motorola news, but its pretty important for CyanogenMod community. CyanogenMod which now has support for over 45 devices, from LG, HTC, Motorola to Samsung.

The head of CyanogenMod project, Steve Kondik, changed his Facebook account status adding earlier today that he is now an employee (software engineer) of Samsung Mobile. Steve particulary mention that his new job isnt affiliated in any way with CM project.

Having such a great success with CyanogenMod, determine Samsung to hire him as Software Engineer to develope, most likely (we belive) a user interface that will go on top of the Android operating system on Samsung devices, similar to HTC’s Sense UI. Go figure Samsung just halted TouchWiz UX update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch. Could this two be related in any way??

Anyways we want to congratulations Steve on his new job!!