Mozilla Silently Launches Firefox 6.0 Beta For Android


Mozilla quietly launched its latest Firefoxversion 6.0 beta at the end of last week. The mobile browser is available on Android market.

Firefox 6.0 beta for Android operating system fixes a series of bugs and bring more features:

  • More bug fixes and enhancements:
    • Move Find In Page, Share Page, and Save As PDF to app menu on Android (see bug 612193)
    • Implement the W3C DeviceOrientation Event Specification (see bug 615597)
    • Selecting “Tabs from other computers” on home screen directs to Preferences (see bug 639711)
    • WebGL textures broken when decode-on-draw is enabled (see bug 647802)
    • Tweaks to Firefox Gingerbread UI (see bug 659447)
    • Update Gingerbread UI for Preferences/Downloads/Addons and Context Menu (see bug 659457)
    • Tweak selection color in Gingerbread theme (see bug 660632)
    • [Java][SwiftKey] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in String.substring() via GeckoInputConnection.getExtractedText (see bug 663445)
  • Important improvements “under the hood” and new technology features:
      • Touch Events (part 1 – single touch only): Expose touch events to content for better interaction with web pages and services, and improved compatibility with existing web content.
      • IndexedDB database storage for web pages
      • Better performance and improved memory management
      • Automatic text hyphenation with the -moz-hyphens CSS property (see bug 253317)
  • Creating a better web experience:
  1. Higher-quality image scaling (on devices with NEON-compatible processors). Smoother zooming, less pixelation, crisper display of logos, etc.
  2. Improvements for large-screen tablets: Optimizing Firefox for larger tablet devices, e.g. by adjusting UI elements, buttons, font size. (Phase 1)
  3. Visual refresh with new Gingerbread theme for phones running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread): A fresh look for the browser to look even more beautiful on Gingerbread.
  4. Universal Access: Optimized rendering of pages that use RTL layout (languages like Arabic, Hebrew) (see bug 634386)