Google Buys Motorola Mobility For A Total of $12.5 Billion


A new week starts with a breaking bomb news in the mobile world, Google and Motorola handset maker just announced they’ve come to an agreement in which Google buys Motorola’s business for a price of $40 per share and a total of $12.5 billion.

Today, more than 150 million Android devices have been activated worldwide—with over 550,000 devices now lit up every day—through a network of about 39 manufacturers and 231 carriers in 123 countries around the globe.

Motorola is one of the 39 mobile phones manufacturer, using Google’s Android operating system. Android will remain open source, while Motorola Mobility will remain a licensee of Android. The two companies enforce, adding that Google will run Motorola Mobility as a separate business.

It seems rather unsual for Google to acquire a hardware company, but if we look closely, just recently Google step up in the war against patent lawsuits from Apple against Android. Google Inc is preparing for what will become “Battle of the Titans”, between the two biggest mobile operating systems and with this  acquisition, the company will definetly compete against Apples devices.

The world of mobile will change forever if this auction will get a green light from the U.S Department of Justice, which intervine before in such acquisitions.


[via Google]