Ever Wondered How An Airbag For Your Smartphone Looks Like


Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and VP Greg Heart patents retro jets, and airbags, for any phone to protect your pocket tech gadgets.

They filled a patent back in February, in which suggests using a phone’s accelerometer (sensor) to detect when it is falling down, and deploying tiny airbags to soften/cushion the impact, this was a small secret uncovered until recently noticed by Geekwire who spotted their names listed as “inventors” just in case someone decide to deploy this invention into mobile phones and thus to have to pay’em fees over license. Honestly everyone thought of such idea but nobody seem to patent it until Amazon bosses did.

Anyways, the idea of having some sort of stoppage feature to avid a hard impact with the ground on your expensive device is more then appreciated among owners of such handhelds, because lets face it, who  out there never dropped his phone at least once in his life. Sounds a little to sci-fi but imagine dropping your smartphone and all of a sudden airbags inflate around your device while dropping down on the ground (floor) to protect it from an imminent impact. We’ll have to live and see if this patented idea will come to life one day.


[via TheRegisterUK]