Huawei Politics Changed To Deliver Self-Branded Smartphones World Wide


Despite the fact that the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei Technologies doesnt offer high-end devices like others do, the politics inside the company as of lately changed. The Chinese company is in a constant battle with ZTE, another low to mid range smartphone manufacturer.

Huawei until recently acted as OEM (Original equipment manufacturer), but know is thinking to the future bringing self-branded handhelds to, probably the biggest mobile market share in Europe, the United Kingdom. This strategy has led it to launch own-brand devices in markets like India, Australia and with the addition of UK, Huawei will be on three continents with it’s self-branded models.

Initially Huawei focused on making handsets for carriers, China’s largest phone-equipment supplier will introduce the Blaze device as early as next month (September). They are targeting a market share of 4% to 5% within 12 months, said Mark Mitchinson, the company’s U.K. executive vice president for the Bloomberg.

“We’re trying to establish the brand, almost from scratch,” Mitchinson, who previously worked for Samsung Electronics Co. and Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), said in an interview in London. Huawei will compete with “anyone involved in Android.” This could mean only one thing, that the company is getting ready to release a series of new high-end devices, as we already heard about Huawei Vision.


[via Bloomberg]