Lodsys Might Sue Godzilab Over Stardunk Android Game Ads System


The patent troll, as it got its nickname due to the big amount of lawsuits, Lodsys makes more victims. Looks like Godzilab Inc is the next Android game developer that might get sued over 4 patent infrigiments regarding Stardunk Ads System (IAP).

Well its easy to realize why, the game is enjoying great success in just a few weeks since its launch, having somewhere around  1 to 5 million installs already.

Apearently the company is being sued for this following reason: “They are basically going after the remove ads in app billing we have in Stardunk android.” and from the message sent to us on Twitter “@Pocketdroid And we are probably not the only one,” meaning all the gaming development companies using this system become a possible target of Lodsys in the future.