[Breaking] First Images Showing Ice Cream Sandwhich App Drawer And A Few More Interesting Features


Its been a long road speculating about the Android Ice Cream Sandwhich, and today we finally get a glimpse of the actual operating system.

These leaked images are from a Nexus S smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwhich, which let us see  the About information of the phone, one of the homescreens with some icons and the App Drawer.

We can distinguish a totally changed notification bar and that almost all the system is using a cyanblue color. Other interesting features are the NFC, and once more, confirmation of Google Nexus Prime that will come as the first smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwhich.

Down below is a list of the features you will find in ICS OS once it will be officially released:

  • Blue Themed (Cyan blue)
  • Camera has built in panorama mode
  • Will launch with Google Shopper and NFC Enabled devices will be able to utilize those features
  • Gmail is all rethemed
  • Will be available for the Nexus S
  • N