Images From The Lawsuit File Against Samsung Leaks


Here is the injuncation Apple has over Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch from Dusseldorf, German Court. The images, apperantly were leaked from the file in the lawsuit against Samsung, which according to Korean manufacturer,  “We were never aware of this lawsuit, we’ve only found out after the injunction was made“,said a Samsung spokesman for SlashGear.

Samsung Electronics is fighting back, appealing against the judge rulling, to forbid sales or any media publicity over the Galaxy Tab, in Europe at least until wins the appeal.

The document, shared by FOSSPatents and in German, was filed on August 4 and with no prior warning to Samsung itself, which only became away of the injunction attempt when it was granted.

Update: according to the same source Apple is going even further with this lawsuit non-sense. It seems that the company is targeting Motorola Xoom and a local tablet Jay-Tech for the very same patent infrigiments.


[via SlashGear]