One More Variant of The Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) aka Celox?


After the big success with Samsung Galaxy S  in 2010, Samsung Electronics brought the next generation Galaxy S2 which right now is one of the top smartphones out there, and since it had so much success the Korean manufacturer thought to release 2-3 more variants for this device for Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

According to a Korean website, Samsung Celox is the equivalent of Galaxy S2 and is capable of LTE speeds up to 100Mbps. Celox comes with 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz LTE, meaning is perfectly fit to work on LTE networks such as those in Europe, Asia or Australia.

The specs of Celox are almost similar to S II, the only notable differences are the touchscreen  display size of 4.5-inch and the LTE chip that is capable of speeds from 50Mbps to 100Mbps, other then that everything else is exactly the same.

The leaked images shown above is from the same source but its pretty doubtful it could be a real thing, the only legitimate part it seems to be the specifications of the device.


[via SammyHub]