Android Live Wallpaper Shark Reef


We chose for today’s Android application the Shark Reef Live Wallpaper from Visualz Smart.

One of the best live wallpapers i found displaying the aquatic life on the bottom of the Ocean, where you can see sharks, streamlined and ferocious predators, swimming in deep blue waters. Small exotic fishes swims around the coralls trying to avoid getting caught.

This is a free version of a highly customizable Live Wallpaper and offers:

* Support for vertical and horizontal phone orientation
* Choose FPS and animation speeds to conserve battery or enhance your experience
* Stunning graphics

If you want more options there is a paid version which features more options such as:

* Choose from three different unique themes
1) The Sunken Ship
2) The Bermuda Triangle
3) The Atlantis
* Several species of shark including:
-Bull Shark
-Black Tip Shark
-Tiger Shark
-Great White Shark
-Nurse Shark
-Whale Shark
-Zebra Shark
-Hammerhead Shark

* Several species of tropical fishes
* Choose which species is visible
* Choose how many are visible
* Customize sunlight-effects and bubbles