What Do You Need To Know Before Updating Your Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab


Two important things you need to know/do before starting the actual update of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, read more below.

Important: Before updating your Galaxy Tab you must first remove the following widgets from your home screen. If the widgets are not removed from the home screen prior to updating the device, the widgets may not work.

Remove the following widgets from the home screen:

  • Any contact widgets
  • Any shortcuts (this includes bookmarks)
  • Pulse app
  • Movie Studio
  • Clock widget

Follow the steps below to update your Samsung Galaxy Tab to the latest software. You will need a Samsung account in order to update your device, click here for instructions on how to add a Samsung account.

Important: Do not plug your device into a wall or PC during the update, as this will not allow the update to download and install. Prior to updating your device, ensure that your tablet has at least 50% battery power. If the power on your unit is below 50% there is a chance the unit will malfunction.

Check with Samsung Customer Support (US) for the full How-to update your Galaxy Tab.