Pocketdroid Weekly Top Apps [Staff Picks]


These are the picks of our staff members for this week’s application top.


Florian P.

Quick Settings – This app lets you quickly switch most important Android settings with just few a taps and control battery consumption. I use it mainly for volume control and 3G mobile data on/off switch.



Palash Jain

Dolphin Browser Mini: Its a stable lightweight web browser which is very fast and can handle anything.It has full flash support for supported devices and has a very clean,sleek UI,which resembles the UI of Google Chrome.Its the best web browser I’ve seen on Android.



Himank Yadav

Android Sync Manager Wifi: I love it because it lets you transfer files from your android phone to your computer or vice versa without actually connecting your phone through a data cable. The only thing which it needs is a Wifi connection. It is also very stable and hardly crashes.  A must have for anyone interested in synching files.



Aleksandar Despotovski 

SpeedView: One of the best speedometers for Android! It has a sleek simple user interface. You have a nice-looking speed gauge that shows you your current speed. You can switch between analog gauge, digital gauge, or just the speed. It’s a very useful tool that’s worth checking out.


Jatin Hariani

Goal.com Mobile: One of the best places for football news, goal.com now even has its own android app. Full articles with a really clean and smooth interface makes this the best way to get football news from ur android device. Especially handy in the transfer season.