Android ABC: How to install new applications


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This is the best part of an Android smartphone, because you can install APPLICATIONS from the Android market many of which are free. You can also find an application for almost anything.

You can either browse through the Android market and search for a particular app and install it . So here’s how you install apps on you phone:


1) Open the application drawer
2) Go to “Android market”
You may need to sign in to your google account if you are opening the Android market for the first time.
3) Select the search icon on the top right corner of your screen
4) Enter the application’s name
5) And search for it
6) After finding it, tap on it. If you wish to download it then , press download anc accept the terms and conditions.
7) Thats it. Now your applicaton will be installed on your phone.

If you do not have a particular application in mind , then you can just browse through the android market. There are various categories present in the Market, for example games, productivity, entertainment , education etc.


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