Star Legends Now on Android Market Still In Beta


Still no approval from Apple for Star Legends to appear on AppStore, but at least they made it on the Android market, so what do we care, someone might say (smile).

Still in beta version Star Legends can officially be download from the Android market if you want to try this game just go ahead.


Spacetime Studios is pleased to announce the expansion of the Beta Test of our latest game, the sci-fi epic MMO Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles by making the app available on the Android Market. We invite any interested player to download and play on their Android powered device running OS 2.0 or above.

Please keep in mind that the product is still Beta. As such it is a work in progress. You may run into bugs or other issues and the beta version does not fully represent what will be in the launch version.

Click here to download Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles from the Android Market
For our fans with Apple iOS devices, we continue to work with Apple regarding approval of Star Legends for the App Store. We are excited to get Star Legends in to your hands when it fully launches in the near future.


[via SpaceTime Studios Forum]