Vinci Tablet A Touchscreen Learning for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers


Why only adults to enjoy the wonders of a touchscreen slate and not our kids too, Vinci tablet brings a new way of teaching our children and its safe because it was designed by a mom. The tablet is set to launch in US on August 10, but you can pre-order the handheld device from Amazon right now.

Invented by a mom, VINCI is a safe, interactive and fun touchscreen learning tool that inspires the genius in young children. It includes VINCI Tab, which is an Android-powered tablet PC, and VINCI early learning apps, including games, story books and music videos. Specifically designed for children aged 0 to 4, VINCI is not just another screen nor it is just an iPad® for kids:


  1. enables interactive learning. It is different from letting kids passively watch TV.
  2. comes with thoroughly studied, age-norm-compliant educational content. It does not give access to everything in the same way as regular tablet PCs.
  3. is safe, using only non-toxic materials and a child-friendly design.
  4. has handles that young children will appreciate.
  5. is not an imitation – it is a real touchscreen Android-based product,
    bringing the most advanced technology to the benefit of our youngest citizens.