Texas Intruments Rumored to Sell ARM/OMAP Division


According to an article posted by SemiAccurate, Texas Instruments is on its way to sell the ARM/OMAP proccesor developement divison.

As right now TI is one of the very few manufacturer of ARM cpu’s for high-end devices, it might be a proper time to sell.

TI’s OMAP5 CPU is most likely to be the first A15 based CPU out of the gate, and has semi-official Google green-light for the next smartphone, tablet or whatever is in this week for Android device, so the company is on high peaks.

Possible bidders for this auction could be Intel, AMD, ATIC, Nvidia, and a long list of other interested parties. Intel and Nvidia are already in this market, AMD seems like the possbile bidder right now as they dont have a taste of this pie just yet.