HTC Desire Finally Gets An Official Gingerbread 2.3 Update, But For Developers Only


Finally a Gingerbread official update comes to HTC Desire, but wait, the update is ment for experts only! What?!? What is this, what is going!?!?!

You’re probably confused by now, right? Well, let me tell you whats going on. Earlier today, HTC announced on its Facebook page, HTC Desire is getting the long awaited Gingerbread 2.3 update, which is not for everyone who owns such a device, its for advanced users only.

for development only and not for general public use

HTC is going to recieve another massive amount of negative feedback from its consumers, due to its lack of professionalism. It seems its not a real update after all its more like a open source offering from HTC to developers world wide.

For those, that they consider themselves an “expert”, as HTC put it, and still want to download the update can get it fromĀ