UberMusic 1.0 Is Now Available On The Android Market!


From the developer of LauncherPro, comes UberMusic which was until today in beta testing. Federico Carnales, tweeted on his account about the availability of UberMusic v1.0 on the Android market.

The music player comes with fully skin customization, supporting 6 widgets in different sizes.

Key features:

  • – Fully skinnable (search for “UberMusic Skin” on the Market).
  • – Automatically downloads artist pics and sets them as the screen background for that artist.
  • – 6 different widget sizes. The widget is fully skinnable too.
  • – Free live wallpaper included that shows album art from your music collection.
  • – True shuffling
  • – Super smooth interface with custom overscrolling on lists.
  • – Scrobbling support through the official Last.fm app or through ScrobbleDroid/SLS.
  • – You can choose which tabs to show on the Library screen.
  • – Custom minimalistic status bar that you can still swipe down to see your notifications.

Metro Skin



[via Twitter]