Revolutionary Tool S-Off’s HTC Devices (Unlocks Bootloader)


Finally they’ve done it,  UnrEVOked and AlphaRev join forces to build an S-OFF (unlock) tool for the next wave of phones.

The tool is called “Revolutionary” and it is ment to unlock almost any HTC device. These two groups joined forces to bring a revolutionary tool which will unlock smartphones bootloader.

Revolutionary currently supports the following Android phones and HBOOT versions:

  • HTC Desire (bravo) 0.93.0001
  • HTC Desire CDMA (bravoc) 1.06.0000
  • HTC Wildfire (buzz) 1.01.0001
  • HTC Aria (liberty) 1.02.0000
  • HTC Incredible S (vivo) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
  • HTC Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) 0.97.0000
  • HTC Desire S (saga) 0.98.0000 and 0.98.0002
  • HTC View (express) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
  • HTC Flyer (flyer) 1.10.0000
  • HTC Sensation (pyramid) 1.17.0006, .0008, .0011 and .0012
  • HTC Evo 3D (shooter) 1.30.0000 and 1.40.0000

Revolutionary will permanently unlock NAND write protection by default on the following phones:

  • HTC Sensation (pyramid)
  • HTC Evo 3D (shooter)
Go on visit their website and download the tool if you know what your doing (developers and advanced users). Revolutionary tool comes in two variants one for Windows and the other is for Linux.
[via Revolutionary]