Google Shops At IBM “Store” For Over 1000 Patents


Today Google bought from the giant corp. IBM, over 1000 patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

These patents include the fabrication and architecture of memory and micro-processing chips, computer architecture, even servers, routers and online search engines, among other things.

There was no comments from Google’s spokesman, regarding the price of such purchase, but we know Google most likely bought some of the patents to defend itself from lawsuits.

Here are some of the patents acquired from IBM that are related to search and search engines:

  • System And Method Of Using Data Mining Prediction Methodology
  • System And Method Of Automatic Discovery Of Terms In A Document That Are Relevant To A Given Target Topic
  • System And Method For Web-Based Querying
  • System And Method For Imbedding Hyperlinked Language Grammar Notation In A “Literate” Programming Environment
  • Method And Apparatus For Maintaining State Information For Web Pages Using A Directory Server
  • System And Method For Maintaining Up-To-Date Link Information In The Metadata Repository Of A Search Engine
  • System, Method And Service For Ranking Search Results Using A Modular Scoring System
  • Updating Of Embedded Links In World Wide Web Source Pages To Have The New Urls Of Their Linked Target Web Pages After Such Target Web Pages Have Been Moved
  • Method And System For Classifying Semi-Structured Documents
  • Majority Schema In Semi-Structured Data
  • System And Method For Query Processing And Optimization For Xml Repositories
  • Identifying Duplicate Documents From Search Results Without Comparing Document Content
  • System And Method Of Ranking And Retrieving Documents Based On Authority Scores Of Schemas And Documents
  • System And Method For Ranking Nodes In A Network