Gamevil Launches Colosseum Action Game


From the producers of Zenonia 1,2 and 3, Gamevil, comes a new epic game, called Colosseum an endless action filled journey.

Get ready to slice and dice hideous monsters in an endless action filled journey through the colosseum. Choose your warrior, equip the best weapons, master the greatest skills and find the secret key.

Colosseum Heroes is a side scrolling action game with RPG elements that will keep you engaged for hours.


  • non-stop action packed with excitement
  • multiple characters for dobule the fun
  • choose a human knight or blood thirsty vampire and combat your way through evil
  •  level-up customizable weapons
  • 7 levels of 126 spells, melee and long range weapons to customize and equip
  • special skills with awesome effects
  • perform ice, thunder, fire and meteor skills to destruct 15 different types of monsters

Watch the official gameplay trailer of Colosseum from Gamevil!






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