Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Preview


Lenovo has started a venture into the tablet market by launching two promising looking tablets namely Thinkpad and Ideapad K1. While the Thinkpad is more of a business oriented slate the Ideapad K1 is a party rocker for common consumers.Lets check it out.

Quick Specs

  • Android Tablet specific V3.1 (Honeycomb)
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 (1.0 Ghz Processor with Cortex A-9)
  • Nvidia Geforce Graphic card
  • 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen with resolution 1280*800
  • WIFI or WIFI+3g (both models available)
  • 16 gb and 32 gb Internal memory (both available)
  • 5 MP rear and 2MP front camera
  • Flash enabled browser

1) The K1 packs a Nvidia tegra 2,1.0 ghz processor which is not fair as dual cores are just around the corner.Eventhough its enough for multitasking but a dual core in the package would have been better especially since its main competitor the Galaxy tab 10.1 has a dual core processor..Its a sleek,slim outlook and a classy finish to a somewhat lacking package.

2) Nvidia Geforce graphic card will make sure that their isn’t a game which you wont be able to play on this giant of a Tablet.It may even give u desktop graphics (just kidding).It has a beautiful textured rear panel as well.

3) 1 GB DDR2 ram will make sure you always have enough.It will improve performance and overall smoothness of the tablet.This is a real competition to Samsung’s 10.1 version of Galaxy tab.

4) It sports a 5 Mega-Pixel rear and a 2 MP Front camera are more than enough for tablet usage as they are not the best to hold around clicking pictures and yes the 2MP front facing camera satisfies the business needs of video calling and chatting.

5) We have a lot of expectations from android 3.1 update of Honeycomb which is the tablet specific version of android.It has many fixes fixing lags,application support,and many bugs of V3.0.

6) Lenovo has tweaked the tablets with minor changes :-

A. Its own launcher –

It’s basically a 5 pane launcher, fully customizable and can be removed if user desires.

B. Lenovo App store –

Now this is a great addition if it really does what it claims.Lenovo have declared that every app in this store is tested of its stability and security by Lenovo Labs itself and are fully functional and stable.

7) The tablet features Netflix. According to the outfit, the K1 is equipped with a hardware DRM module that will enable Watch Instantly material to not only be streamed over HDMI without any hackeration, but also can be stored locally on the device. That’s a completely new option for Netflix, and it’ll create a new button to press within the app. We’re told that files can be socked away on the internal flash storage or on a microSD slot, and due to whole “hardware DRM” need, the Honeycomb tablet you purchased last week won’t be able to handle such goodness with a simple firmware update.

8) Tablet weighs a hefty 750 GM (yes you read it right) and maybe a little uncomfortable to hold for long periods but heck nothings perfect.It is able to play and record 1080p HD videos as well.

9) There are many colours available making it clear that Lenovo targets the tablet on the youth.