Android Daily App: ScreenshotER (Works On Any Rooted Device)


Sometimes you want to take a screenshot of your phone like we usually do it on PC with the “printscreen” key from the keyboard. There are a lot of apps out on Android market doing just that, ,but most of the screen capture apps arent working on any device, all the time specially on older Android versions.

Thats why i decide to write this article, because a few months ago i was facing this very same situation i couldnt take screenshots of my phone  homescreen no matter what, on Android 2.2 Froyo. Until i came accross ScreenshotER.

ScreenshotER gives you the posibility to take screenshots even if you are on Android 1.6, all you need is a rooted device. Now it works even on Honeycomb!!


– Shake, delay, shortcut or notification icon methods
– Thumbnail or full-screen previews (or none at all)
– Rotate images
– Choose save folder
– Save as JPEG or PNG
– Share menu integration for Picasa, Dropbox or whatever you have installed
– Shake sensitivity adjustment
– Start on boot