LG Optimus Net (With NFC Support For Europe)


LG tasted quite good success in Android segment of the market through the LG Optimus One and it was predicted that the phone will see a sequel. Here we are with the LG Optimus Net, the much awaited successor with not that much improvements except NFC support and refurbishment.


Here are quick specs

3.2 inches capacitive touchscreen with res 320*480
Sleek looks
3.15 MP Snapper
Android v2.3.3 (GIngerbread)
800 Mhz processor, Qualcomm msm72227t chipset

Some things we didn’t like, relatively low internal memory (only 150 mb), no Xvid/Divx support,¬†screen could have been bigger.


1) To start with, its a low to mid end budget phone so don’t expect to much

2) A 800 mhz processor is more than enough for casual multi-tasking and adequate for some heavy tasks as well.Qualcomm chipset also does its part in performance sector.

3) Its a sleek unibody design with a single shade of black.Under the Capacitive touchscreen is the traditional set of 4 android buttons which mind you are hardware not touch sensitive.

4) Gingerbread is packed in the same Touchwiz-like UI we have seen in LG 2X and 3d.Its very simplistic and serene.

5) A moderate 3.15Mpx snapper which could have been better. No secondary camera and no flash led either.

6) The body feels solid and plush, high quality materials have been used for the body to give it a more  classy look.

7) Overall it doesn’t look much different from Optimus One except its case design. Feature set is mostly the same. Only the design and its clock speed have changed.

I for one wasn’t that much impressed by LG’s venture in the low-end market because Samsung had so brutally dominated that segment ,where I live,but to be fair Optimus had its share as well and after the galaxy’s it has one of the best communities.Let hope optimus net carries on the tradition.