CPU Usage & Frequency Monitor (Dual Core Support) Application


Looking for an application to monitor your cpu usage and frequency for you dual-core smartphone. An xda-forums member, optic76 has developed such a tool, which comes in two versions a free one and a paid version.

CPU monitor that displays in the statusbar. Great to monitor your CPU Usage & Frequency with one simple look. Code has been optimized to have low overhead and memory footprint to assure optimal battery life.

Match your theme with multiple Statusbar notification colors to select from!

* White
* Red
* Green
* Blue

Features Include
* Dual CPU core support!!
* Statusbar notification for CPU Frequency
* Statusbar notification for CPU Usage
* Multiple notification colors
* Configurable update interval
* App doesn’t run when screen is off (helps with battery life)
* Auto start on boot
* & more

Please be aware that some dual core phones do not use both cores all the time. When your device is only using one core the app reports this status until load increases to the point where your device starts using the 2nd core.

****** NOTE ******
HTC Sensation – there is a device limitation with reading the CPU Frequency. I am looking into a workaround for this problem.
****** NOTE ******


Paid Version

Free Version