Samsung Galaxy S2 Getting its First CM7 Nightly Builds


CyanogenMod developer Atin M has posted on his Google+ profile that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is going to get its first nightly builds soon. Here’s his post:

Ok, Samsung Galaxy S2 should be getting CyanogenMod7 nightlies soon (as soon as builtbot is ready to do builds, they’re all broken at the moment).

Remember, bug reports on CM7 nightlies are a leading cause of male erectile dysfunction and of weight gain for everyone else . . . (and we know most of the bugs we have to fix anyway). So we don’t want any bug reports for SGS2 nightlies to show up in the tracker.

This is great news for the Samsung Galaxy S2 owners. Although, these will be the first nightly builds for the S2, so don’t expect that they’ll run flawlessly on your phone. Anyway, feel free to try them, when they are released!



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