Week in Review @PocketDroid


There was a lot of going on in the smartphone world the past week. That’s why we decided to do a weekly article, called “Week in Review @PocketDroid”, starting from this weekend. In these articles, we will review cover the most important news that we’ve reviewed the past week. So, let’s get started!

As I said before, there was a lot of going on in the smartphone world the past week. We had written some great stories for you and a couple reviews. At the start of the week, we’ve started a PocketDroid Google+ invite giveaway, but since now Google+ is open, and not in beta testing, everyone can join without an invite. Then, a couple of minutes later, we’ve discovered that HTC will unlock their devices’ bootloaders. Here are some words from the article:

We all know that HTC started locking their devices’ bootloaders a few months ago, but they had just announced via their Facebook page that they are going to revise their bootloader policy. That means that they will unlock the bootloaders on their Android smartphones starting in August with the global version of the HTC Sensation.   Click here to read the whole article 


Some hours later, we’ve done a review for the LG Thrill 4G. Here’s a cut:

The fever that has gripped everyone these days is the 3D, then how come our Smartphone’s restrain themselves from the epidemic. And to satisfy the need of the 3D Smartphone LG has come up with a 3D, 4G Android power smartphone LG THRILL 4G. Let us see if it can thrill us or just a drop of water in a lake.  Click here to read the whole review


We wrote an interesting story for the HTC Desire Z owners:  we informed them that they are getting their desired Gingerbread update this month. Click here to read it! 


A day later, we’ve reviewed the HTC Evo 3D. Here’s a small part from the review:

There is a new trend of 3D Smartys developing in the market and how would HTC remain silent on anything related even remotely to Android.After LG’s Optimus 3D,HTC is only the 2nd to release a 3D smarty in the market.Lets check it out.  Click here to read the whole review 


We’ve heard a rumor that Motorola Develops a 10 inch Xoom 3D tablet with a screen of 2048×1536 resolution! Here’s a small part of our article:

According to Fudzilla, Motorola is working on a 10-inch tablet, with a 2048×1536 screendisplay running Android Ice Cream Sandwhich in 4:3 format.

Same source says the tablet will be thinner then the Motorola Xoom and it is likely to add Nvidia Tegra 3 Kal-El chip inside.  Read more 


And finally, I want to share the latest news of this week with you: some photos of a Sprint-branded Samsung Galaxy S2 leaked! Click here to read the news!


So, that were some of the most important happenings and reviews that we’ve made and reviewed in the past week. Feel free to tell us what you think about this new article in the comment section, and don’t forget to read the next Week in Review @PocketDroid!