Polkast App – Access Your PC Files From Your Android Phone


Polkast lets you access all the files on your PC from an Android phone or a tablet, communicating securely over local networks, delivering almost instantaneous downloads, not just some files, all of your files.


• Search through thousands of computer files instantaneously while on the go.
• Transfer files, photos, and videos directly between devices over the air.
• Send files from your computer use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control.
• View your docs and photos, play video from any of your devices, anywhere.
• Secure your file through a protected password and SSL encryption – the same methods used by banks and the military. None of your files are kept in some online Internet storage site.

• No need to plan ahead – you will always have the files you need. 100% of your files: any time, any file, always the latest version
• Super fast file access – we connect your devices directly over your local network, so no delays in the cloud
• You keep control – your files are stored on your home computer in your own network environment



  1. Thank you for the posting. I was looking for something like this… allowing me to connect directly to my computers. I gave it a try and man, it’s crazy fast and the search feature is awesome. I will install this on my work computer too so I now I can ditch my vpn.


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