Asus Apologized to its Customers for the Transformer Keyboard Dock’s Bad Battery


Today the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus, issued an officiall apology to its consumers on the Facebook page.

This comes after the conclusion reached through the feedback sent by customers back to Asus complaining about the bad battery of the Transformer keyboard dock. Along with the official apology the manufacturer promised a fix to the problem in the next coming weeks.

The Eee Pad Transformer is one of the biggest rivals to Apple’s Ipad 2, unfortunately for them this problem will drop the popularity with some percentage in favor of Ipad 2.

However comments given by the customers on this matter, were pointed to find out when the update to Android 3.2 will come to Transformer rather then complaining about the bad battery. Right now there are no official announcements or any rumor about 3.2 release date.

Got a Eee Pad Transformer and you are experiencing such a problem, please leave a comment !!

Source: TheInquirer