Android is Top Mobile Operating System in 6 out of 8 Key Countries


According to the Guardian (United Kingdom) and Kantar Worldpanel ComTech survey between June 2010 – June 2011, Android is not the top mobile operating system in 6 out of 8 key countries world wide.

The same source said, 74.3% of new Android sales come from owners of “feature phones” and only 1.4% of new Android owners come from former iPhone owners. Other numbers show Nokia Symbian provides 19% of consumers migrate to iPhone, 17.5% of them move to Android and 10.9% of them choose RIM (Blackberry).

Every month  about 2.5% of regular phone owners have shifted to smartphones since April 2010 in the UK,  and by June 2012 smartphones make up half of all users most likely, world wide.

Kantar revealed why consumers choose Android and iOS over other operating systems, such as multimedia capabilities, design and application availability.


Source: Kantar ComTech

Via: TheGuardian UK