Motorola Droid 3 – Review (The Beast Unlocked)!!!


When you talk about android the first thing that strikes your head is HD gaming,high end smartphones which will never get you bored even low-end android smartphones have so much to offer that if you buy one you are done for a year or so.And all the things said about android sum up to form a beast who we knew as Motorola Droid.This CDMA giant supported the verizon wireless throughout its reign as the most powerful gaming Android device until the Galaxy S came to the market.Now the world’s most defect proof company is setting its target to demolish the HD gaming section of android with the Droid 3.Given the Droid name has already won half the battle hasn’t it?? C’mon lets check it out

Quick Specs

Networks available are both GSM and CDMA as well as 3G

Display is 4″ qHD  monstrously large screen with a awesome resolution of 540*960

Connectivity is traditional with WIFI,Bluetooth,3G,DLNA

A hefty 16 gb internal memory for the hardcore gamers

32 gb expandable SDCARD storage

A sexy looking 8MP snapper and a much needed 1.3 MP front camera

1080p HD video recording @30fps

Android 2.3 (gingerbread)

A whopping dual core 1GHZ TI OMAP4 processor

HDMI port

Adobe flash support

1540 mAH battery



Being a hardcore gamer stuck on the low-end Galaxy 3 enables me to fully praise and appreciate the fact  that Droid 3 packs a 30% faster GPU than the droid 2 and will run each and every game possible at present at its fullest given the dual core Ti OMAP 4 processor.Now gaming apart,The droid 3 has got the heirlooms from its predecessor,I am talking about the slide-out QWERTY keypad which adds the pinch to a carefully designed package.The fit n finish has always been a selling point of MOTOROLA and will continue to be so with Droid 3’s classy finacce.Most of the phone is dominated by the enormous 4″qHD screen with a traditional set of android buttons which mind you,are touch sensitive.The slide-out QWERTY consists of well laid and spaced buttons and is comfortable to use.Inside the battery cover we have the hefty 1540 mAH battery which ensure sufficient battery backup.



Running on latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) hiccups were the story of fantasy land.Its sleek,stable,simple and fast.Motorola has modified its BLUR UI to be minimalistic while offering serious punch.Their are no lags no stuck ups no force closes and well why will there be.Its a dual core processor isn’t it?Anyways I dont think the software on this phone can be better.Their have been complaits against the BLUR Ui and I hope thaat the modification sorts it out.Personally I love the UI.


A 8MP Snapper

Now that should satisfy the photographer in here adn if you need more than that go buy a DIGICAM.The 8mp Touch-Focus camera is more than enough for the casual snappers and just about enough for hardcore in the same category.their is also a 1.3 mp front facing camera for video calling and for those who love themselves.




Their are no surprises here.Its as traditional as it gets.WIFI,Bluetooth,DLNA,Rev.a 3.1 MBPS,HSDPA,HSPA and a cool HDMI port.And yes I forgot a micro-usb 2.0 as well.



I have been a big fan of Droid’s ever since Droid 1 so dont take my view on it but its a damn good phone for every kind of user.Its got eye-candy,simplicity,stabilty,and well,capabilty for everything anyone could ask for.What else do you need,post in the comments and I will personally ask MOTOROLA for that.As if thats needed,they always listen to people dont they?Its the most foolish device ever made but as I say its a fool in a world where fools rule!!!!!!