Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles MMORPG Sci-Fi


From the producers of the online Pocket Legends, comes the next online MMO game, a science-fiction this time, called “Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles”.

The game comes through the beta program from Verizion V CAST Limited. a two week period is planned for Wednesday, July 6 through July 20 and is available on many Verizon Wireless Android powered devices.

Storyline: Set in a distant galaxy during the far-flung 41st century, this initial story arc of Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles pits space-faring, privateer humans against their own treachery and the alien menace known as the Vular. Players take on the role of a space-age hero and can select from three classes, each with its own particular strengths: Commando, Engineer and Operative. In their quest for adventure, fame and fortune; players must battle harsh, alien environments, monstrous, unthinking aliens, and the greed and ambition of their rivals. 


Source: Spacetime Studios


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