Panasonic Launches Portable TV SV-ME970 Running Android 2.1


Probably the first portable TV running Android based, the Panasonic SV-ME970 is not just a TV, also lets the user to surf the web.

Looking like a typical Japanese portable TV, the SV-ME970 comes with a 7inch display and a 800×480 touchscreen, 4Gb of internal MEMORY (yes memory not storage) a SDXC slot, a USB port, support for DLNA, Wifi, 300mWx2channel speakers and Youtube connectivity. The TV is waterproof to 1 meter depth.

You are able to play music (MP3/AAC/WMA) files  and view pictures (JPEG), Panasonic will start selling the SV-ME970 in Japan on July 30 for a price of $555, according to CrunchGear.


Source: CrunchGear