How to create an UPDATE.ZIP to Flash in CWM Recovery


Now that ANDROID recovery have evolved from just wiping data to backing up whole system,we can even install a theme without the hassles of ADB or Root explorer. Heres a quick tutorial for you to create your own installable zip for anything like theme, app, which involves replacing existing files.

1) Download the file you want to install.(Can be anything Theme,app,bootanimation whatever)

2) Download this

3) Extract it wherever you want.

4) Copy the files of STEP 1 to the files folder in the software downloaded in STEP 2.

5) Launch Updatezip_maker.bat

6) Select prepare files.

7) Close the software, their should be folder UPDATE in the software’s folder, open it and add all folders inside it to a zip archive with file extension (XXX can be any name of ur choice but not update).

8) Copy the zip file to your sdcard.

9) Reboot into recovery mode,install zip from sdcard ,select the zip file and enjoy…..