HTC Desire Users Finally Get Their Desire!!


According to the reports we got a few hours ago which apparently were announced by HTC, we’ve come to believe that the critically acclaimed HTC Desire is gonna get Android update to version 2.3 (GIngerbread).In the announcement HTC said that it is already testing the Gingerbread for the original Desire and will start the QA procedures this week. Obviously the update is nearing release and the wait will be over soon.

A week or two ago HTC had announced that Gingerbread is not possible for desire because of its incapable Hardware but because of a lot of pressure from users it decided to update by comprising some features.And here we are today when HTC is almost ready with the update. Here is the HTC’s statement:

We suppose we’ll see the Android 2.3 update soon after the QA is over.

My final words for the Desire users will be:-

Its you guyz who made this update possible

BAckup your essentials gear up for an update and its time to fullfill your DESIRE!!!!!!

Peace out
PAlash JAin