Skyfire Browser For Android Updated to 4.1.0


Skyfire update 4.1.0 for Android brings minor bug fixes, increased stability, improved support for Honeycomb users and more mobile goodies.

Skyfire 4.1.0 is available now, just  launch the Marketplace application on your Android phone and search for “Skyfire”.  Skyfire 4.1.0 requires an Android 2.x device.


Most of the fixes are to impprove the browser experience for Honeycomb based devices.

Release Notes:

Honeycomb bug fixes:

  • Bookmarks – fixed!
  • Tabs – fixed!
  • ‘Find on page’ – fixed!
  • Zoom control – fixed!
  • Popular and Like feature bubbles – fixed!

Honeycomb improvements:

  • Improved memory management for feature bubbles.
  • Better auto refresh: Feature bubbles now have a 12 hour content refresh timeline.

For all:

  • Fine-tuning & overall continued effort towards stability: Stability at all-time high – And it’s getting better!