Opera Mobile 11.1 Arrived For Android With Lots of New Features


Opera is working hard to make its browser for Android devices faster and easier to hendle, as it has a fearsome competitors like Dolphin browser, Skyfire or even Firefox.

Today Opera announced the release of its mobile version 11.1 for Android and Symbian devices. This version supports any Android 1.6+ or higher.

Whats new in Opera Mobile 11.1:

  • Added support for Google AutoComplete
  • Added ability to search directly from the address bar
  • Added intelligent domain suggest which suggests your most used domain endings
  • Added support for country domain auto-complete such as .ru or .id
  • Added user agent setting
  • Improved CSS, HTML5 standards support
  • Improved text selection

Android specific change log:

  • Added support for Google voice search
  • Added exit button option
  • Added support for external keyboard in Honeycomb
  • Added experimental support for Flash in Honeycomb
  • Added support for downloading multimedia files
  • Cache is now stored in Android cache directory
  • Web Search intent support
  • Fix for LTE network speed limit
  • Fix for force close related to volume keys
  • Fix for Opera locking in landscape mode
  • Fix so that 7″ 800×480 tablets will get tablet UI
  • Fix for problems with colors on ZT-180 devices
  • Fix for several crash bugs (including crash at startup)
  • Permissions: SeeĀ bit.ly/opera_permissions
  • General bug fixes and improvements






Source: Opera Mobile Blog