Sony Ericsson W8 (Xperia X8) Honestly !!!


I think most of us are familiar with car manufacturers releasing an exact copy of an pretty old car just under a new name! if not then get used to this trend.The reason,well,the same trend has been brought to mobiles by a company from which you would least expect it.And I am not talking about any other company but Sony Ericsson,a company which is renowned for its sexy styling given theARC.What’s making me bumble so much is this.

Everyone knows about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8’s success and in my opinion it owes that to the fact that it has almost no competition in its range and it doesn’t have any competition now.So Sony decides to give the phone a disguise as like a Walkman Color,nothing else,not one of the specs have changed.None,not even the Multi-touch problems.It has all the problems that X8 had like:-

  • Limited storage for installing third-party apps
  • Outdated Android version
  • No multi-touch support
  • Camera has no autofocus
  • No DivX video support out of the box
  • microSD slot under the battery cover
  • No secondary video-call camera
  • Fingerprint-prone glossy finish

But on the brighter side here are some good things about this W8:-

With the right price tag, the Sony Ericsson W8 could be the entry-level smartphone of choice for those with fond memories of Walkman. The music credentials will be a serious boost to an already half decent package. No doubt, the Xperia X8 needed an update – along with the rest of the Xperia lineup. There couldn’t have been a better (easier?) way to freshen it up than the Walkman branding. It’s fun, fresh and no frills. On top of that – it’s Android.