Seagate Launches Momentus Ultra-Thin 2.5-inch Hdd for Laptops & Tablets


Yesterday Archos released its G9 tablets, the 10-inch comes equipped with the latest from Seagate Momentus the ultra-thin hard drive but they didnt divulge much as probably Seagate was preparing it for today’s release.

Seagate unveiled today the worlds first 7mm, 2.5-inch form factor drive created for slim computing designs

The HDD comes in three capacity storage ways, a 160Gb, 250Gb and 320Gb and with two RPM speeds 5400 & 7200 with a cache of 8Mb or 16Mb.

Momentus are self-encrypting drives mitigate data breaches, comply with data protection regulations and preserve brand recognition.




Seagate datasheet