Maxthon Mobile 2.1.2 lands for Android with 3D skins in tow


Maxthon has announced that a new version of its mobile browser has landed for Android.

The new version is Maxton Mobile 2.1.2 and it has some cool features. The new features include a new selection of skins for the browser including some with 3D floating effects that lets the user customize the device more. The browser also has a default zoon to size pages for easy viewing.

The new version of the browser needs 40% less memory than other Android browsers. It has an improved and easier to use homepage layout and remembers what mode you were using from the last browsing session. That means if you were using WAP last time that is what the browser will default to. The browser can also save links in history for you.

Other new improvements to the browser include easier to sync favorites, enhanced YouTube experience, and easier to use search options. The search options are also expanded



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