How To Preview Your Android Boot Animations On Your Computer


Making boot animations can be a hard job. Sometimes you’ll need to preview your boot animations, but applying them on the phone can take you some time. For that reason, I’ve made a tutorial that will show you how to preview your boot animations on your computer without applying them on the phone. So, let’s get started!

-Boot Animation Previewer(it’s a program made by me) – click┬áhere to download it!
-A boot animation

1. Open Boot Animation Previewer (I assume that you have it downloaded and installed)
2. Tick one of the three radio buttons, according to how many folders your boot animation contains, select your folders, and click “Finish choosing”

3. Set how many times you want the images in the folders to be looped
4. Click the big “Preview your boot animation” button to preview your boot animation

5. When you’re done, close the window. If you want to preview it again, be sure to click the “Reset Values” button in the upper-left corner, to prevent the program from crashing