Motorola Xoom #2 Or 4G LTE Confirmed With Proof


Last week a commercial clip from Verizon showed which might be the latest Motorola Xoom 4G/LTE or Motorola Xoom 2 as people likes to call it.

Today those questions whether the device in that commercial was or not the next Xoom, we’ve got a real proof, brought to light by DroidLife proving that it is the next Moto Xoom. The tablet is set to be released next month along with the Motorola Milestone XT883 (Motorola Droid3 in USA), which is set for 7th of July. This date seems to be official only for Droid3 but not for the tablet, as Motorola Inc. is trying to get the best spot to release it.

From my point of view this “new” Motorola Xoom 4G is nothing but an upgrade of the first release bringing some new features to improve user experience. Do you think otherwise or is this Motorola Xoom 2?