TouchWiz 4.0 For All Android 2.2 Devices Or Higher


A lot of people shown interest in having the opportunity to get TouchWiz 4.0 the latest official home launcher for Android devices.

Recently two members from XDA-Forums (Fr4gg0r & Swiftwork) working on a project to port the  TouchWiz 4 on almost all Android versions (like Froyo or Gingerbread), made it possible developing a version which works on all versions of Android except Eclair. Also this portation is available for all devices equipped with ARMV7 processors.

Features in this modified version of TW 4.5 as they named it (the actual TW4.0) includes:

  • App Drawer
    • Number of apps per page
    • Number of app columns
    • Sort order (normal/alphabetical, alphabetical will be forced after reboot/changing from normal to alphabetical)
    • Enable/disable app backdrops
    • Enable/disable 3D effect for backdrops
  • Badge Counter
    • enable/disable unread g-mail counter (specify accounts to show counter for)
    • enable/disable unread sms counter or Samsung Counter
  • Themes
    • You can combine themes (e.g. a full theme and then apply just a dock theme)
  • EXTRA Stuff:
    • Resizing for all widgets enabled (long press widget and then drop it without moving)
    • Scrolling widgets are supported (currently not recommended to use though, lags when scrolling)