Samsung Set To Knock-Off Nokia From Its Throne


Samsung threatens Nokia’s rank #1 for the last 15 years on the mobile business. According to an article in TheInquirer, an analyst at the Japanese financial company Nomura said, “This quarter we expect Nokia to fall to third place behind Samsung.”

The Korean manufacturer is set to overtake the leadership from Finnish phone company and whats even worse for Nokia according to the same source is that it is predicted to be outranked by Apple too which will come in 2nd position and also by 2012 HTC is set to pass them too.

The same analyst also stated, the mix-up between cheap chipsets from manufacturers like¬†Qualcomm and Texas Instruments along with Google’s operating system Android, smaller companys are producing more quality devices then anticipated.

Although we are expecting Nokia to make its move with the new operating system from Microsoft in the next couple of months.